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Our Solution Bring Automation to 


Digital Asset Life Cycle Management

New digital technologies combined with data-driven insights can transform operations, boosting agility and strategic decision-making, and resulting in new business models

  • Augment Human Intervention in the Field

  • Accelerate inspection

  • Apply intelligence

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Circular Collaborative Ecosystem

Applying integrated digital platforms enhances collaboration among ecosystem participants, helping to fast-track innovation, reduce costs and provide operational transparency.

Oil & Gas industry is highly labour intensive and skilled labours are aging, it is crucial for the industry to provide an effective platform to engage younger generation of skilled work force


Enhanced HSE


Minimize Human Intervention
through CVaaS
(Computer Vision as a Service)

Autonomous Inspection would extend eyes and ears of the crew to site   

  • Reduce drive time

  • Reduce work at height

  • Reduce risk of Human Intervention


Monitor Asset Beyond Visual

Monitor Fugitive Emission Enhance CO2 Performance

Leak Detection Using OGI Camera

Multi Sensor Monitoring Augment Human Intervention  

  • Reduce GHG Emission

  • Reduce Risk of Fire Hazard

  • Detect Site for Safe Human Intervention

Level Detection Using Infra-red Camera
We simplify technology trends and support our customers in their daily operations in key areas of

Computer Visualization(CV)

  • Object Detection/Segmentation

  • Data Labeling

  • Performance benchmarking

Data Fusion

  • Data lake        Data warehouse

  • Intelligent Supply Chain

  • Cloud computing (KPI measure)

  • Flexible / Scalable

Data Analytics

  • AI/ML Pattern Recognition

  • Dynamic Model( CFD)

  • Innovative Cloud Solution

Software as a Service(SaaS)

  • Business Logics

  • Security / Encryption

  • Dashboard / Alerts 

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