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System Integration

Efficiency - Reliability - Integrity

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Our Separation Process with Dimensionally Tunable Selectivity Brings New Paradigm to Advanced Membrane Technology

  • Increase recovery rate

  • Improve energy consumption

  • Decrease cost of separation

  • Improve scalability


We have developed a cutting-edge technology that effectively addresses the inefficiencies and challenges associated with traditional pipelines. Our technology focuses on reducing pressure drop in pipelines carrying liquid or gas while improving the reliability and integrity of distribution networks by improving erosion protect and mixing effect. Our technology is poised to revolutionize the transportation and distribution of liquid and gas resources, enabling safer, more reliable, and more sustainable solution to energy & water distribution network.


Our cutting-edge UPIMS solution provides a comprehensive Software as a Service (SaaS) solution for managing pipeline integrity systems. Our innovative application captures data from various sources, integrates them, and performs advanced analysis to conduct risk-based integrity assessments. With our product, customers can make informed decisions, prioritize maintenance activities, and prevent pipeline failures, ultimately saving time and money while ensuring the safety and integrity of their pipeline networks

We offer the pipeline industry our integrated tools, which use non-destructive testing methods augmented with the latest advancements in machine learning and AI, to detect, measure, and report defects for predictive maintenance


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