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Persistent Industry Challenge Space -Time Conundrum

Traditional pipeline monitoring and leak detection system suffer from “Space - Time” conundrum

  • Point sensors (mass balance, CPM) may not have sufficient resolution and precision as it is limited by sensor location(space)

  • Periodic inspection(ILI, Drone, smart pigs) may not be deployed at right time 

How we help

Distributed Acoustic Sensing(DAS) provide options to overcome both challenges using the flow as effective signal carrier.

  • DAS provide potential for 24/7 monitoring(no time limit),

  • DAS provides reliable coverage (no space constraint) 

  • AI/ML and physics informed verification eliminate false alerts

Key Solution Components

Customized Sensor Solutions

  • Tailoring non-intrusive sensors to optimize data capture.

  • Employ reliable fleet management for 24/7 data capture

ML-Enhanced Anomaly Detection

  • Utilize advanced ML to identify anomalies across mass captured data

  • Enhance supervised models by integrating self-learning algorithms for continuous improvement.

Eliminate False Alerts with Physics-Informed Processes

  • Integrated Computational Fluid model for precise verification & eliminating false alerts

  • Low-latency verification by deploying reduced order  modeling

Physics Informed Verification

AI/ML Anomaly Detection

Data Capture 

Computational Simulation of Acoustic Wave Propagation of a pinhole leak 

Client Report

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