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Integration for next Generation of Integrity Sensors

 Deep Knowledge of Asset Integrity Management

Extensive Experience of Integrity Risk Assessment using NDT Method

Integrate integrity Assessment Know-how and NDT Practice Augment it with Data Quality Check Process we Provide Innovative Solution for Non-Destructive Integrity Risk Detection Leading us to next generation of integrated Sensor for Active Maintenance

corrosion detection mode.png

IRT NDT Corrosion Detection

In our joint effort with academic partner we managed to develop a non-destructive method of corrosion detection using thermography mapping, our lab test indicates that pixel level analysis of heat map can lead us to corrosion detection


Innovative Anomaly Detection

Our solution using liquid lens HD camera integrating with Ai-augmented object recognition provide new breakthrough in autonomous visual inspection of remote facility  


Rigorous Date Quality Check

Quality data is our valuable asset, our data quality check processes developed in house integrated with innovative sensor development lead us to invaluable datasets enabling breakthrough in integrity asset management 



Pittsburgh PA, USA

Tel : +1(412)320-5390


Calgary AB, Canada

Tel: +1(403)241-6532



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